Officers of the Canton of Aschehyrst


Seneschal: Lady Raziya Bint Rusa
The Seneschal is the administrative head of their group.


Chatelain: (Vacant – Email will forward to the Seneschal)
The Chatelain helps newcomers to the the SCA or Aschehyrst


Exchequer: Mistress Eleanor Catlyng
The Exchequer maintains the financial records of the canton.


Misstress of Arts & Sciences: Misstress Rhonwen glywn Conwy
The A&S Minister coordinates the medieval arts and sciences activities within the Canton.


Knight Marshal: Master Karl of Meerstapa
The Knight Marshal coordinates heavy list fighting in the Canton


Captain of Archers: Misstress Ygraine of Kellswood
The Captain of Archers coordinates archery activities within the Canton